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welcome to Breaking the plan – a new blog series that delves into the unique business challenges and opportunities of black business owners and entrepreneurs. Find out how they developed or developed their businesses, explored business ventures within their companies or created side activities, and how their stories can inspire and inform your own success.

We live in the digital age and people still check their email daily. Strong email marketing strategies are therefore essential, especially for black-owned businesses.

When you think about creating the best email marketing strategies, make sure you are authentic and tell your story to your community.

Brain drain your ideas if you need to find a purpose, and find out the expected outcome for every marketing strategy you work to create.

The black community supports you best when you are honest, so they can empathize with you.

“The most effective email marketing campaigns we’ve run are those that are authentic, tell our story, and take our audience with us. In the early days before we launched our business, all we had was our story to draw people into our funnel, ” MOST Founder and CEO Dawn Myers told HubSpot.

Myers adds, “Be vulnerable. Show the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Show that you identify with their weak spots and how much you’ve sacrificed to be able to serve them. This tactic builds credibility and confidence.”

Below, you can find five email strategies that have worked for black business owners today.

Dawn Myers Email Marketing Strategy CEO OF THE MOST

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Successful Email Marketing Strategies For Black Owned Businesses

1. Find out what else interests your audience in relation to your mission.

If someone subscribes to your email list, it’s safe to say that they’ve heard of your product before or find it interesting, so it’s important to take a step further.

Ariel Butler, founder and CEO of the hair and skin products company Shea Adé, has learned that people primarily care about when the company sends sales-related emails when it comes to product-based businesses. It can also become intimidating if the emails are about the same products that consumers have heard of before.

“I would recommend that brands find other topics to email their audience (blog posts, free eBooks, etc.),” she said. “Everything outside of that should be emails about sales or new product releases, as opposed to emails that look like “Hey, don’t forget to buy this item for the full price that I’m bugging you about 4 times a week!”‘”

One strategy that works for Butler is to send affirmations daily to his clients. She started trying this simple email tactic because her brand’s mission is not only to heal hair, but to heal beyond the scalp as well.

Ariel Butler Email Marketing Strategy Shea Ade CEO

“I want my clients to wake up everyday and feel good about their appearance,” Butler said. “Since I started sending these emails, I have been completely blown away by the pleasure of daily affirmations for my clients. Some people have only been introduced to my brand because someone told them about our emails and when they found out that Shea Adé is a hairstyling company, they supported me because they resonated with my brand’s healing mission. “

2. Connect with your customers every week.

Each week, Raven Gibson, Founder and CEO of Legendary Rootz, sends out a campaign that allows email subscribers to download a personal digital wallpaper for free.

She says it’s her best email marketing strategy, and she invented it “Wallpaper Wednesday”. Over the years, Gibson’s audiences have told him that while they wanted to support his business, they didn’t have the funds to do so. She recognized this problem and offered a free solution to stay in touch with her community.

“Typically, the design is centered around celebrating black culture or an important reminder of the day,” Gibson said. “This marketing strategy allowed our mailing list to grow and gave us the opportunity to connect with our community.”

Gibson is running a similar campaign on Tuesday where she connects with her followers highlighting their love for natural hair. She sees this as a way to share the community and to highlight the importance of the dark hair culture. Gibson also uses these emails to share exclusive offers and product replenishments specifically for email subscribers.

These weekly email marketing campaigns have helped generate great ROI, Gibson said.

“Investing in email marketing has allowed us to optimize our marketing investments while creating a meaningful connection with our community,” said Gibson.

3. Launch an engaging awareness campaign.

Creating awareness campaigns can grab people’s attention while providing a bigger incentive than expecting people to just read your emails.

Alvarez Mckendall, serial entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist, is responsible for social media and email marketing at Real estate bees, a technological and marketing platform for the real estate sector. One of his most successful email marketing strategies is interviewing the professionals and business owners he tries to connect with.

Mckendall said this strategy is most effective because it helps consumers understand what the company offers and how potential customers can benefit from it based on what he learns from these interviews.

Mckendall transformed Real Estate Bees’ previous email questionnaire into an interview style questionnaire and adjusted the email templates and subject lines to indicate his company’s desire to interview the business owner or a key member instead of filling out a boring questionnaire.

“Just like your friends and family, business owners love to attract attention and feel important,” said Mckendall. “Tapping into your ego is an extremely effective technique any time you want to get their attention and start building a business relationship. “

When Mckendall launched the awareness campaign, Real Estate Bees’ email open rate was 25-27% and the response rate was around 1%.

“I was constantly thinking about how we could improve it,” he said.

Based on this campaign, Real Estate Bees’ email open rate increased to 42% and the response rate increased by 3%. It is essential to make your campaigns attractive by including hyperlinks, photos, videos and anything that makes sense for your brand.

4. Make allies with other businesses by partnering with the press.

Networking and building partnerships can also be useful for email marketing strategies. Francis Perdue, CEO of the public relations firm Perdue inc.suggests that black business owners team up to expand their audience by promoting each other.

The free promotion exposes different audiences to new products and services, and it also helps build community by connecting diverse consumers.

“No money is exchanged, but it does wonders for your businesses,” Perdue said. “Share each other’s audience to support each other. Creating an e-blast for an event or cause for someone in exchange for the same will increase your reach and show that you are engaged in the community while fostering unity.”

If you don’t know where to start, grab your phone and see what emails you already have in your contact list. When Perdue started her business over a decade ago, she said she didn’t know a lot of people in the industry, but had a strong community of friends, former colleagues, and friends. old classmates.

She did an e-blast to promote her new business, and right away, she got 200 subscribers. Over 2,500 people are subscribed to Perdue Inc.’s mailing list, all of whom are from Perdue’s organic outreach through its network.

“People want to support you; you would be surprised,” she said. “Go out and network. I own a restaurant, so I know the importance of loyal customers.”

CEO Francis Perdue Email Marketing Strategy

5. Use tools, apps, and other digital resources.

Developing email marketing strategies can be tedious and time consuming, especially if you are

publish emails every week. You can create your campaigns yourself, but if you’re looking for something new or different, here are some tools, apps, and resources black business owners are using to better connect with their audiences:

    • “It might sound crazy, but I think TikTok is an amazing way to bring customers to your brand and your email list.” – Butler.
    • “Will pass claviyo for all email correspondence helped increase our abandoned cart click-through rate from 4% to 7%. I’m so glad I took the time to switch from Shopify and set it up. ”- Gibson.
    • “We used the BuzzStream tool to send emails and monitor all analytics and statistics. “- Mckendall.
    • “I like Adobe xd. It is a prototyping application; however, I use it to create all of our email marketing materials. My favorite feature is the ability to duplicate and change content in a split second. After creating specific templates for Wallpaper Wednesday or an exclusive email-only sale, I can reuse them again just by clicking a few buttons. I have found that using these models allows me to dramatically streamline the process. “- Gibson.
    • “Some email marketing apps go from $ 0 to $ 100 per month. The good news is that typically less than 200 contacts are free. Come on daddy when you start your website to get marketing coupons from their partners to keep costs down as well. “- Lost.
    • “I love the site Very good emails. It’s a gold mine for everything email related. The site is very well organized and you can find just about any topic on the site. It’s almost like the Pinterest of email marketing. ”- Gibson.

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